In Memory of Chris Coppard

A message from the Whatley Drive Resdients’ Association:

As you know, our good friend, and former Council member, Chris Coppard died at the beginning of the year. Many people have expressed a desire for some form of memorial to Chris. We thought it would be nice to plant a flowering cherry (or perhaps two, depending on monies collected). Since people from outside the Whatley Drive Residents’ Association have also said they would also like to donate, we have obtained permission from Wiltshire Council to plant the tree(s) on the corner of Whatley Drive and Broomcroft Road, so that they can be seen by other villagers too.

Should people wish to make a donation (in the form of cash, please) they should be in an envelope and pushed through the door of 51, Broomcroft House. We would be grateful if donors could write their name on the envelope so the organisers can acknowledge receipt. Any monies over and above the cost of the trees will be donated to the Prospect Hospice in memory of Chris.