Chairman’s Summer Blog

Chairman`s Summer Blog May 2019

Suddenly Easter was upon us with a great weekend of sunshine and up until recently, other than the occasional cold wind, summer looked like it was coming early. All the gardens and allotments are looking good however we do need rain! Not too much I hope.

Just a few reminders of what has happened over the last few months;

  • Our Community Morning on March 23rd was fairly well attended, so thank you to all those who joined us. This year we decided not to have an outside speaker but to concentrate on what we had achieved or not achieved. The loss of Everleigh was not for the want of trying, and we thanked members of the Pewsey Community Area Partnership and the Campaign to Protect Rural England for the support that we were given. Whilst Everleigh closed, not all was lost because the future of Consultations is now being looked into by Wiltshire Council. Cllr Stuart Wheeler is in charge of the investigation and procedures. We briefly mentioned that we were about to open discussions with Wiltshire Council with regards to Service Devolution and Asset Transfer, you will hear more about this over the coming weeks/months.  In addition to this we also launched our “Dog Fouling Campaign”.
  • During April several meetings took place with Wessex Water, with their ideas of opening up part of the “balancing pond” area in Broomcroft Road to the community. These discussions are ongoing.
  • 8th May was the first meeting with Wiltshire Council about the Service Devolution and Asset Transfer which I attended with Vice Chairman Cllr David Smith, Cllr Ann Hogg and Alison Kent, our Parish Clerk.
  • 14th May, Cllr Peter Deck, Cllr Marilyn Hunt and myself attended a meeting with the Public Protection Officer and Wiltshire Council Planners about the proposed Wheeled Sports area whereby we learned to our bitter disappointment that the planning application for the Wheeled Sports at the Vale Campus was going to be withdrawn.
  • 22nd May, following various issues raised by our Community I met, together with Cllr David Smith and Cllr Peter Deck, with Sgt Peter Foster, who is responsible for Marlborough, Pewsey and Devizes Community Policing Teams. Our PCSO, Paul Whiteside, was also present to discuss these issues. The very good news on this front is that we now have an extra dedicated PCSO Emily Johnson. We believe that with the resources they have they at their disposal, the team are doing a great job on our behalf, and we will continue to support them wherever we can. I would urge all members of the community who see anything suspicious to report it immediately on 101.


Whilst we are not directly involved we will continue to support the CLT and were in attendance at their Inaugural meeting on the 16th May which resulted in increased membership.


On the 28th May we called an Extraordinary Meeting where the public were invited for the first part; the second part was Confidential at this stage. There will be more news as and when things develop.


Curly Haskell


29th May 2019