Parish Council

Pewsey Parish Council Membership 2017

Representation and Responsibilities

Cllr Curly Haskell – Chairman of Council (Area Board, Health & Wellbeing Centre, Footpaths)

Cllr Peter Deck – Planning Committee Chairman (Neighbourhood Development Plan, Area Board, Community Area Partnership, Community Area Transport Group, Trees, Street Lighting)

Cllr Mrs Marilyn Hunt – Planning Committee Vice-Chairman (Neighbourhood Development Plan, Health & Wellbeing Centre, Waste & Recycling, Recreation Ground, Rectory Grove)

Cllr Terry Eyles – Environment Committee Chairman (Area Board, Community Area Transport Group, Heritage Centre, Pewsey Relief In Need Charity)

Cllr John Ford – Environment Committee Vice-Chairman (Community Speedwatch, Flood Warden, Scotchel, play areas)

Cllr Mrs Diana Hughes – Finance Committee Chairman

Cllr Liz Stevens – Finance Committee Vice-Chairman (The Messenger)

Cllr Alex Carder – (Area Board, Patient Participation Group, Angela Yeates Ground Committee)

Cllr Mrs Caroline Dalrymple – (Bouverie Hall Committee,Pewsey Vale School, Childrens Centre)

Cllr Richard Fleming – (Carnival Committee)

Cllr John Ford – (Community Speedwatch, Flood Warden, Scotchel, play areas)

Cllr Richard Giles – (Pewsey White Horse)

Cllr Ann Hogg – (Area Board, allotments)

Cllr Kerry Pycroft

Cllr David Smith – (Pewsey Vale Tourism Partnership, play areas)

Cllr Mrs Liz Stevens – (The Messenger)

Cllr Phil Stevens – (River Avon, play areas)